About Us

Over decades we have strengthened our expertise in several verticals such as real estate, broiler breeding farms, hatchery, poultry feed etc. The strong blend between strength and expertise in multiple business practices, the company has evolved in an important way over the years and continues to expand in capability and capacity as we grow with our business associates.

Innovation is a key driver of our strategy which has emerged ‘BIZWAY’, poultry integration product in the emerging market. This venture offers an ecosystem for the aspiring business individuals involved in this system in some or the other way.

Our passion to serve the local community has always been our driving force.

about vastum agro

19 500

Tons of Chicken Feed


2 720

Units of Chickens


10 000

Hectares of farm



Units of technic


Our Vision

To be a global player introducing new dimensions in to the Indian economy by creating business opportunities and contributing towards nation building.


Our Mission

We maximize consumer satisfaction by providing value for money and trust through integrity.

Core Values

Over the years the group has developed relationships built on faith with stakeholders around the globe. (in case they are not globally spread then we can delete this line) . We are bound towards enhancing the quality of life for people living in every part of the globe where we are present . At Bizway, we operate supporting the growth of the economies and the sustainability of their natural resources.

Group’s methodology, operation and approach to business are evaluated in our five core values, which provide a strong and balanced foundation on which the group multiplies.


……. has always established its business by adhering to the 03 Benefits. This states that our business should not only cater with the benefit to our company, our employees but also to the communities that engage with us.

Speed with Quality

Modern business must go with the latest trends, circumstances and technologies to be at par with the changes emerging for the betterment of the market, business and economy. The sooner the better the change is adapted pays back in gaining positive responses from the market.

Accept Change

In every day scenario there are changes affecting the business where strategy of business takes the first seat and walking along the change is a tool in business methodology. Our strategy embrace change which allows us to manage our response towards the demands of the market. We at … encourage our team members to stay updated with the technology as well as demands emerging in the open market.


Innovation is a driving force of any business from conception to the ready product. Business must bring new ideas, changes with benefits and to keep abreast with the changing times and emerging needs. We build up strong values against innovation amongst our team members to deliver the best of the services to our consumers and customers for which we conduct brain storming sessions.


From the time the group has emerged integrity has played a vital role and has been a strong pillar of our philosophy.

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